Meet The Team - Chris Smith

Chris Smith

I began training at the club five years ago, and although I enjoyed boxing initially I quickly found myself being drawn to the MMA side of the club. I was fascinated by the mixture of styles on offer, and blending them together to try and create the perfect fighting form.

I am also a big fan of the innovations in training techniques that MMA brings. As a fast moving and relatively young sport, it is very open to new ideas, and many trainers from different disciplines bring new ways of achieving peak fitness. I like to research these and try them out in the club, although I always believe it’s very much about employing the right training approach for the person I am training.

I compete as a Semi-Pro MMA fighter at the moment, and am looking to go fully Professional in the next year or so. I am also studying for my Personal Trainer qualifications.

I began a coaching role at the club earlier this year, and like to think I bring the benefit of my training and fighting experience together with my research of new training techniques and sports science to the role. I am a great believer in loving what you do being a big motivator, and I hope I bring my enthusiasm and love of the sport to my classes.

To book a session drop me mail on or give me a ring on 07753290493








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