Meet The Team - Christine Ronaldson

Christine Ronaldson I qualified as a yoga teacher two years ago having retired from my full-time job with HMRC in London and therefore able to spend more time practising something I really enjoy.
I first started yoga over 30 years ago and have been dipping in and out ever since but more consistently for the past 10 years. I became a devotee following a workshop with an international yogi whose approach was quite different to any that I had previously experienced. He made it fun and his attitude to conventional teaching was in many ways rebellious.

So my teaching methods come from various teachers with different styles but the inspiration comes from that particular yogi which is what I hope to convey to my students.

My classes combine pranayama (breathing), asanas (poses) and meditation (relaxation). Mix the three together and add a feeling of fun and the end result is empowering, invigorating and euphoric. Yoga is non-competitive therefore students work within their own capabilities. The benefits are strength, flexibility, balance, controlled breathing and stress relief.

And age is no barrier.

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