Meet The Team - Nicole Parsons


I am passionate about educating and supporting my clients to create change in their lives and free them permanently from pain. I use my unique blend of skills to give my clients the practical tools to live an active and balanced life performing at their peak.

Since graduating with a Sports Science and Sports Rehabilitation Degree 13 years ago I have helped thousands of clients across Europe to become pain free and achieve their performance goals.

I believe in creating strong foundations. My philosophy is that whether you are recovering from injury, a beginner at exercise or would like to enhance your sports specific performance we first need to ensure your body is correctly aligned and pain free and secondly that you are moving properly. First we straighten then we strengthen.

As a Postural Alignment Specialist I use the Egoscue Method to realign your body and ensure that the correct foundation is in place to properly support a bespoke and targeted training program designed to meet your health and fitness aspirations.

I am also an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which I deploy to help you develop and refine your mind-set to reach your objectives.

I have worked with a diverse range of individuals, teams and organisations from one to one coaching and corporate training to running retreats and seminars. My clients include senior management, professional athletes, mums to be and anyone who would like to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Your programme is individually tailored to your needs in that it creates the foundation for correct human movement and adds the right proportion of sports massage and mind-set, where needed.

Whether you need injury rehabilitation, would like personal training, or are looking for more advanced sports specific training I can provide you with the help and assistance you need to enable your body to perform to the highest level of its potential

If you would like to book a session with me or have a chat about how we can get you started give me a call on 07951 697577 or visit

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