Meet The Team - Sarah Griffiths


I have been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for fourteen years now. I teach Spin at the club and do Personal Training and Massage. I am also a Les Mills accredited Trainer and teach Body Combat and Body Pump. I also have a Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management and teach Aqua Aerobics, LBT and Zumba.

I started going to the gym for the first time fifteen years ago. I had no experience of gyms before this, and started going to pick myself up after a messy divorce and some health problems. I was intimidated at first, but quickly saw the change in my energy levels, confidence and shape and was hooked! A year later I took my first Exercise to Music Qualification and have never looked back.

I am a strong believer in a holistic approach to health; instilling confidence and wellbeing are just as important as the physical changes exercise can bring. Five years ago I added an ITEC Qualification in Swedish Massage to my portfolio. I wanted to bring another aspect to my training, and felt this type of soft-tissue manipulation massage was a relaxing and re-energizing system which fitted well with the training programmes I prescribe.

To book a PT session or Massage mail me on or call 0782 8198693.


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