Meet The Team - Will Griffiths

Will GriffithsI have always been interested in health and fitness since a young age and I decided to become a personal trainer in 2009 when I had started training people and got fantastic results.

I have done my REP’s Level 3 Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor along with diplomas in Circuit Training, Core Stability, Advanced Physiology & Anatomy, Nutrition & Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.

I specialise in muscle building/toning and fat loss - with the right exercise program and dietary intake your results soon become visible whatever your goals. I have worked with a wide range of individuals over the years of all different shapes, sizes and abilities and I realise the importance of a personalised program that suits the individual’s needs.

I first put a pair of boxing gloves on when my dad bought me a block of boxing sessions for my 12th birthday. I went in extremely confidently and thought I would be unbeatable as soon as I stepped foot in the gym. After a warm up and 20 minutes of bag, I soon found that it was harder than it looked. I couldn’t believe how exhausting the training was and earned a new found respect for the sport and now I love adding boxing elements to my training.

I believe the importance of fitness and wellbeing is underestimated in this day and age. We are surrounded by processed foods and technology that makes our lives easier - this is why it is so important to keep fit and healthy now more than ever as the odds are stacked against us. There are thousands of people that struggle to see any change after months of exercise and get disheartened. There are many factors that need to be considered with changing your body shape and increasing your fitness - this is why you need the right formula to achieve your goals.

The most satisfying part of my job is seeing people’s faces when they start to see results, not only does it improve you physically but I find clients carry themselves with a new found confidence and energy. I love to push clients to get the best out of them and help them achieve their goals.

To book personal sessions email me on or call me on 07817334220

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